Artist's Biography

Meet Ranju Yadav, a vibrant soul born in 1986, whose life is an enchanting canvas filled with the rich hues of Mithila art. Renowned as a prominent Mithila Painting Artist in Nepal, Ranju is not just an artist; she is a storyteller who brings life to her creations.

Artistic Heritage: Inherited the folk Mithila painting from grandmother, mother, and aunt during childhood. • Early Artistic Pursuits: Started drawing Mithila art on the floors and walls of parents' house in early childhood. Participated in numerous drawing and painting competitions during school days. • Adolescent Mastery: Developed expertise in creating artworks on cloth for home decoration and skillful mehndi designs on ladies' hands. • Guidance and Mastery: Under the guidance of a senior Mithila artist, honed skills in creating authentic and intricate-looking Mithila artworks on paper and canvas.