Ranju Yadav: A Journey of Colours and Stories

Mar 17, 2024


Ranju Yadav, a vibrant soul born in 1986, whose life is an enchanting canvas filled with the rich hues of Mithila art. Renowned as a prominent Mithila Painting Artist in Nepal, Ranju is not just an artist; she is a storyteller who brings life to her creations. Her journey is a kaleidoscope of colors, emotions, and stories woven into the fabric of Mithila art. Each stroke on her canvas is a testament to her artistic brilliance and commitment to making a meaningful impact through her craft.

Early Inspirations

Immersed in the world of Mithila painting from a young age, Ranju inherited this ancient art form from her grandmother, mother, and aunt. The walls and floors of her childhood home became her first canvas, where she breathed life into Mithila art with each stroke.

A Blooming Talent

During her school days, Ranju's artistic spirit found expression in various drawing and painting competitions. As an adolescent, she honed her skills, mastering the creation of art on cloth for home decoration and adorning ladies' hands with intricate mehndi designs.

Guided by Masters 

The turning point came when a senior Mithila artist recognized Ranju's potential and guided her towards creating authentic, intricate Mithila artworks on paper and canvas. This marked the beginning of a journey into the heart of Mithila art,where every stroke told a unique story.

A Voice for Change

Ranju's art transcends mere aesthetics; it speaks passionately about burning social, cultural,and women's issues. Her masterpieces have found homes in Nepal,India,America,Sri Lanka, Japan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Malaysia, Brazil, Portugal, and beyond.

Solo Exhibitions and Coordination

March 2019 witnessed the unveiling of Ranju's first solo exhibition at the Nepal Art Council Gallery in Kathmandu. The journey continued with a second solo exhibition at the Swiss Embassy in Kathmandu on August 1, 2019. Not just a soloist, Ranju orchestrated the harmony of the Bangladesh-Nepal Friendship Art Exhibition in July 2019.

Global Engagements

In September 2019, Ranju immersed herself in  the vibrant atmosphere of the 9th SAARC Artist Camp and Exhibition in the Maldives. The echo of her art resonated in Dhaka in May 2018, where she participated in a seven-day Nepal Art Fair, adding a touch of Nepali brilliance to Bangladesh.

Master Trainer of Mithila Art

Beyond her canvas, Ranju imparts her wisdom as a master trainer of Mithila Art, shaping the talents of future artists with her expertise and passion.